Hawaiian Vacation –COVID-19 – Updated-Oct 2020


As a person who loves and frequently vacations in Waikiki, it’s hard for me to recommend you take that vacation to Hawaii —at least for now! While many of the COVID-19 rules are evolving almost weekly, most are not tourist friendly. 

As of August 1st, 2020 (UPDATE: Oct 15, 2020, Oct 1, 2020 Sept 1st, 2020) Governor David Ige is initiating Hawaiis “Pre Travel Testing Program”. Anyone traveling to Hawaii will be required to submit a valid, negative, COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of arrival or be subject the the “Ninth Supplemental Proclamation” mandatory 14-day quarantine.

With the possibility of a positive COVID-19 test result, its critical you understand your airline and hotel cancellation policy to avoid substantial financial loss. Also, be mindful, it may take the lab 24 hours to run your COVID test, but you might not get your results for several days.

What to expect when arriving in Hawaii

Once you arrive to Hawaii you will be sent to a “health checkpoint” where you will be screened for temperature. If you have a high temperature you will be evaluated by medical paramedics at the airport and may be subject to the 14-day quarantine. Further, regardless of temperature, you will be required to submit  your Travel Declaration form along with identification. You will also be required to sign and initial the Governors 14-day quarantine notice acknowledging the penalties for violating the Governors quarantine order. In case you were wondering, the penalty for violating the quarantine order is a fine up to $5000 and/or a year of imprisonment. 

Renting a car or ride share under quarantine:

It should also be noted that if you fall into the mandatory 14-day quarantine, you will be prohibited from renting a car or using car sharing services. 

COVID-19 Cases as of June 26, 2020:

As of June26th, Hawaii has had a total of 866 COVID-19 cases. 109 of which required hospitalization, and 17 cases were fatal. Honolulu had the most reported cases of 608, followed my Maui with 122 then Kauai with 34 cases.

Masks required outside:

When outside of your hotel or residence wearing a face mask is mandatory. Also, when reasonable, you are required to maintain social distancing. 

What to expecting at restaurant’s:

While each city is subject to make/modify the dining rules, in general you can expect:

  • No more than 50% capacity for dining-in
  • Tables separated by at least 6 feet
  • You will most likely need reservations 
  • No self-service buffets or salad bars
  • Maximum of six customers per table

Oahu Beaches:

Oahu beaches are open with significant restrictions:

  • No groups larger than ten persons
  • Beach and sand areas are closed a half hour after sunset till a half hour prior to sunrise

Final Thoughts:

The COVID-19 rules are constantly changing and I encourage you to frequently review the latest rules prior to planning your Hawaiian vacation. For now, our travel plans are taking us to Napa CA for wine tasting. Visit our friends at vacation-napa.com for some great travel tips.

I for one, hope we get back to a more normalized Hawaiian vacation experience. Aloha, and keep healthy!

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