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Scuba diving can take you all over the world if you’ll let it. Especially all throughout the islands of Hawaii, because of their famously known beaches. Dive centers in and near Waikiki, Hawaii will add excitment to your diving experience. Whether you are a beginner or expert certified diver, Waikiki, Hawaii has your diving needs covered.

What are the best dive centers in Waikiki?

  • Waikiki Dive Center
  • Living Ocean SCUBA
  • Aqua Zone SCUBA
  • Oahu Diving
  • Kaimana Divers

You want to make sure you pick the dive center that best fits you and what you are looking for. I compiled a list of the best ones and some info about what they have to offer below:

Waikiki Dive Center

The Waikiki Dive Center is the only full-service dive center in Waikiki and is located on 424 Nahua Street, Honolulu, Hawaii. The services offered at the dive center include

This dive center offers single-day dive packages and multi-day dive packages. The single-day dive packages may include surface water experiences, shallow reef dives, deep water wreck dives, or evening tours. The multi-day dive packages may include a 2-day open water referral, a 3-day two tank dive, or a 5-day two tank dive. Prices range from $55 – $399 per person. Also, no certifications required for the “Discover ScubaDive” package.

There are many dive sites available at the Waikiki Dive Center, including Turtle Canyon Hawaii Kai (great for beginners), Fanta Sea Reef, and NautilusReef. Each site has its own characteristics that will enlighten your diving experience even more.

Living Ocean Scuba

The Living Ocean Scuba is a local dive center located in Honolulu, Hawaii and their dives take place at Hanauma Bay. Hanauma Bay is famous for their nature preserve in Oahu and it makes a perfect location for all experiences of diving. There is many wildlife in Hanauma Bay, including the endangered Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles that adds to the diving experience.

The Living Ocean Scuba offers many services, which include:

The prices vary for each service and they offer discounts for US military and Kama’aina (children).

There are many courses available at Living Ocean Scuba that can further your knowledge about diving. The courses are Discover Scuba Diving, PADI Open Water Referral, PADI Open Water Diver/Junior Open Water Diver, and PADI Advanced Open Water Diver. 

Also, there are shuttle services offered to transport you right to the boat! How convenient.

Aqua Zone Scuba: Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Center

Aqua Zone Scuba is located on Kalakaua Ave in Honolulu, Hawaii. With over 90 years of combined experience and skills, they offer services that will enhance your diving experience. The services they provide are

The Hammerhead Dive Club is full of insider benefits that would be hard to pass up for a lover of diving. The benefits of joining the Hammerhead Dive Club start from a free t-shirt for “members only” and go all the way to planned fun dives, special boat excursions, two free air fills per month, a Free two-tank boat dive on the day of your birthday, and much more.

What stood out to me was the exciting Shark Cage Adventure offered. You can meet sharks face to face from the safety of a cage in the ocean waters of Oahu, Hawaii. Prices for this adventure are $115.50 for adults and $82.50 for kids under 12 years old. Exciting and fun!

Oahu Diving

Oahu Diving is Oahu’s first-time diving specialists. They take you in with no experience or advanced experience and share with you a unique diving adventure. They have services for first time divers, certified divers, and advanced divers.

 First-time diver services are priced at $140 and include free gear, free pictures, and two dives at two different locations. The certified diver and reef dive services are priced at $140 and include two dives at two different locations, free gear, and complimentary pictures. The advanced diver deep wreck dive and shallow reef services are $140 and include two different dives at two different locations, gear, complimentary pictures, wreck dive, drift diving, and wall dive depending on the weather.

Lastly, there are courses offered at Oahu Diving and they are,

  • First- Time Scuba Diving – Beginner Diver
  • Refresher Dive Program
  • Open Water Diver Referral Program
  • Open Water Diver Course
  • Advanced Open Water Diver Course

The training is $140 and includes, gear, instructions on how to use the gear, needed skills, and the right diving techniques. There are two dives at two locations and each dive lasts about 30 minutes depending on the diver’s breathing style.

Kaimana Divers

Located on 930 McCully St, Kaimana Divers is a dive center ready to take you on a diving adventure that will expand your view of the underwater world. With diving packages like 10 Dive Aloha Package and 2 tank shore dives, you can have your diving adventure from the price range of $89 -$595. For multiple day boat dives, you will add $10 to the package of your choosing.

Other services available at Kaimana Divers include charter boats and classes to learn more about diving. The classes that Kaimana Divers offer are:

  • Intro Dive or Refresher
  • Private Open Water Course
  • Standard Open Water Course
  • PADI Open Water Course
  • PADI Open Water Referral
  • Advanced Open Water Course
  • Nitrox Specialty
  • RescueDiver
  • Divemaster courses

Are you thinking about having a memorable underwater wedding? Kaimana Divers offers the service of “tying the knot in the deep”.They also can provide professional photo and video services. They’ve been offering this service since 2011. How cool would an underwater wedding be?

What makes these dive centers the best?

We look for the dive centers with the best amenities, courses, best adventures, and prices to make our “best of” list. Our recommended dive centers offer the best of those and more! Our collection of dive centers can be met any of your diving needs!

How do you know which dive center is best for you or your experience?

Think about what kind of experience you have or are looking to gain. If you are a beginner or want an introduction to diving, make sure you look for a dive center that accommodates that. If you are a certified advanced diver, you don’t want to go to a dive center that has its focus on diving beginners.

Related Questions

Is it safe to dive with sharks?

Diving with sharks durning the day is typically safe unless provoked. However, you should be aware of potential dangers. 

How old do you have to be to cage dive with sharks?

The minimum age is typically 12 to enter the cage. Children under the age of 5 shouldn’t join this adventure.

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